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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Malaysia banknote - RM1 series

Today I managed to complete my 1st set of RM1 from 1st Series to 6th Series. I bought it via my favorite antique shop here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a good price( I think).

This is the picture for Series 1 till series 5:

And last is the picture for RM1 series 6th:

Hopefully next time I can stumble upon an Ali Abul RM1 CR note while getting my change at a Giant Supermarket. Wishful thinking. LoL.


  1. Congratulations danny.
    Where do you buy them? Wisma Merdeka?

  2. Danny: Yes, you really know your way around this antique business do you. But I am still learning and start collecting. So much to learn.

  3. Danny,
    Good for you...Numismatics is a good hobby.

  4. Danny - Thanks a lot. Hopefully through this hobby we can meet and know more friends. Right?

  5. Hi Danny, how much is the market price for Jaffar Hussein RM 1 6th series note...? I'm not a collector, just happened to found one when doing some housekeeping...

  6. Ethan - i think u can still get if for below rm10. thanks for the question

  7. hi danny, i got 3 pieces of RM1 note (similar to 3rd piece of you collection), the 3 note number are follow in sequence... do you mind to tell me what is value in market...? thanks in advance...

  8. Hie Danny, Gary hr, i m interested into selling my 3 Series of RM1 H22 (No.444444) email is if u r interested.....THX


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