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Saturday, September 25, 2010

50 cent 1967 milled edge @ without security edge

When I was younger, much younger. I remember seeing this coin plenty of times but did not think for a moment to keep it because I thought the one with the security edge is the one that have a higher value. If only we can go back to the past and keep it all.

So buying this coin back after almost 10-15 years now with the price hovering around a perodua viva's monthly ccm is unthinkable to most person. But I have decided to 'invest' in this coin and bought it yesterday.

Now this coin become the third item that I love most, the list being:

1. RM1 Ali Abul Hassan CR banknote
2. 1971 10 cent
3. 1967 50 cent milled edge

The obverse side:

The reverse side:

The price according to Steven Tan's catalogue book

I hope will add the 1968 and 1969 coin in the future.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. woww .. a boom after another..
    kurang dua bulan dah ade 3 collections the most sought after by collectors .. jeles jeles . hehe

  2. Dapat harga agak murah + ada modal sikit = beli la selagi ada offer baik. Nanti melepas menyesal pulak. Bukan senang nak dapat ni. hehehehe

  3. aduii .. hehehe kt ebay lg ke .. banyak btol line ni semua dpt murah ni

  4. mnaj- yg ni dari mudah, harga asal rm650 tapi minta diskaun dia bagi la diskaun lebih 100. taklah murah sangat, org pun tak nak jual kalau murah sangat. cuma kalau tengok kat katalog efine harga rm500, tapi mana nak cari efine harga rm500? steven tan muda kembali pun tak tau boleh dapat ke tak. hahaha

  5. dear Mr danny are you selling those coin? co'z if you are i would like to buy your 50 cent coin year 1975 and 1976.. please call me on my cell no: 012 6109515. thank you.

  6. dzul - where is the page that say I got 50 cent coin year 1975 or 1976? weird later la wait I mint them on my house backyard. sigh

  7. saya ada hampir complete parlimen BU/UNC set 1sen,5sen,10sen,20sen,50sen,1 ringgit...hanya

    1sen & 5sen ada berapa tahun yg saya tak dapat nak cari tahunnya yg unc.

  8. you got it all wrong, this is WITH SECURITY EDGE, that is worth a lot is WITHOUT. See this

  9. Anonymouse - maybe u are the one who got it all wrong. Or maybe u need some new set of glasses since the picture above clearly show that it is WITHOUT SECURITY EDGE@MILLED EDGE.

  10. mr.Danny, sy nk 50sen 1967 milled edge klu ada..
    no sy 0146592145.

  11. Hi Danny, I have 1967's 50 cents coins, how much is the up to date market value now?. Thanks.


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